Peru improves in education, income, and health in last nine years

00:00 | Lima, Aug. 9.

Over the last nine years, Peru has moved up 12 places in the annual study conducted by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

The 2018 report known as Striking a Balance Between Well-Being and Growth shows Peru's improvement in education, health, and employment.

The report's rankings are based on BCG's Sustainable Economic Development Assessment (SEDA), a tool that measures well-being and progress of 152 countries, based on 10 dimensions in three categories: economics, investments, and sustainability.

According to BCG, Peru ranked 78th this year —up two places compared to 2017.

In 2009, Peru was placed 90th. It has now climbed up 12 spots to reach 78th position.

The 2018 analysis puts the Inca country above the average of countries with the ability to convert wealth into well-being.

When comparing its results with those from similar countries, Peru experienced improvement in dimensions such as income, environment, but lags behind in infrastructure.

Economic stability

In 2018, the Andean nation showed better performance in economic stability and employment than Chile and Argentina, although fell behind in equality, governance, and civil society.

However, if we compare Peru's results obtained over the past years, the two abovementioned countries surpass it in said dimensions.

"We should be positive about Peru's results, considering that, while it sits in the middle of the ranking, the country has shown systematic annual improvements over the last 10 years," BCG Senior Partner & Managing Director Jorge Becerra stated.


Published: 8/9/2018
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