Lima Group calls on UN to take action over Venezuela crisis

09:10 | Santiago (Chile), Apr. 16.

The Lima Group issued a statement on the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela exhorting the UN Secretary-General, the General Assembly, and the Security Council to take action to avoid the progressive deterioration of peace and security in said country.

In this sense, the regional bloc stressed the need to provide urgent humanitarian aid to the population and migrants from Venezuela.

In the 17-point statement, the group reiterated its recognition and support for Venezuela's National Assembly and Interim President Juan Guaido. In addition, it holds Nicolas Maduro responsible for their life, freedom, and integrity, as well as that of their relatives.  

The Lima Group says the illegitimate regime of Nicolas Maduro has demonstrated no will to dialogue and, therefore, its member countries demand the immediate cessation of usurpation.

Likewise, the group agreed to request the 49th OAS General Assembly —to be held in Medellin (Colombia)— to address the situation in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in a comprehensive manner and to adopt measures foreseen in the Inter-American System.

Likewise, they agreed to convene, in Lima, an "International Conference for Democracy in Venezuela" with all States supporting the country's democratic recovery.

The Governments of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela, members of the Lima Group, signed the document.


Published: 4/15/2019
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