Venezuela's representative to Peru: The fight to remove Maduro continues

12:58 | Lima, Jan. 31.

Venezuela's diplomatic representative to Peru Carlos Scull —who was recently appointed by Interim President Juan Guaido— on Thursday affirmed the process to remove Nicolas Maduro from power continues. Thus, the international community's support is very important for this matter.

"It is a fight that goes on, the population is still in the streets. Several factors must come together," the official told RPP radio and TV news station.

Likewise, he stressed the European Parliament's recognition of Juan Guaido as the Bolivarian nation's acting president, adding it is necessary to continue working so more countries recognize the interim government.

In this sense, Scull indicated the Lima Group meeting on February 4 in Canada will be very important in order to encourage more nations to join the cause for a free Venezuela. 

"The three points of our agenda are: Stopping Maduro's usurping government, (leading) a transition government, and holding free, as well as democratic elections. We are working on that," he expressed. 

Furthermore, the diplomat informed he does not have an office in Lima, and his task consists of visiting his compatriots, as well as the organizations that support them. 

Within this framework, the Venezuelan representative explained he does not expect to go to his country's Embassy in the Peruvian capital in order to prevent confrontations. 

As is known, the Venezuelan opposition leader assumed the powers of the presidency on January 23 after thousands of protesters marched against Nicolas Maduro's new term in office. 


Published: 1/31/2019
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