Peru FA Min: Maduro regime's end is about to start

00:02 | Lima, Jan. 30.

Peru's Foreign Affairs Minister Nestor Popolizio believes the signs of weakness shown by the regime of Nicolas Maduro suggest his dictatorship is about to come to an end.

"I am convinced we are about to witness the beginning of Maduro dictatorial regime's end," Popolizio told the press on Tuesday.

At the said gathering, the group will discuss the situation of Venezuela to continue supporting a transition government —led by Guaido— that guarantees "free, fair, and transparent elections" with the participation of all political actors.

Military intervention

As for the "5,000 troops to Colombia" note written on National Security adviser John Bolton's notepad during a White House press briefing —which was understood as a possible U.S. intervention in Venezuela— the diplomat said he had no information on the matter.

However, he affirmed Peru and the Lima Group oppose military intervention in Venezuela in order to end Maduro's regime.

"One thing Peru and the Lima Group have always said is that we do not support military intervention in Venezuela," he remarked.


Published: 1/30/2019