Peru Gov't reiterates full support to Venezuela's National Assembly

12:26 | Lima, Jan. 14.

The Government of Peru has reiterated its full support to Venezuela's National Assembly —as the only constitutional, democratically-elected organization in such country— as well its President and lawmaker Juan Guaido, who was briefly detained by Nicolas Maduro's regime intelligence agents.

In an official statement released by its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Peruvian Government condemned Guaido's detention, labeling it as arbitrary and illegal.

Likewise, it reaffirmed its full support to Venezuela's National Assembly, "the only constitutional, democratically-elected body in that country, and its President Juan Guaido."

Finally, it demanded Maduro's regime to respect the rights and freedoms of Venezuelans and all National Assembly members so as to avoid violent actions that may threaten the process of democratic restoration in the neighboring nation.

On Sunday, members of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN) detained Guaido for one hour, an event described as serious by Lima Group. 

The lawmaker had indicated he was willing to fill the power vacuum that —in his opinion— exists in the Bolivarian nation, since Nicolas Maduro's government is not recognized as legitimate by the majority of the country nor by a large part of the international community. 

Lima Group members —except Mexico— have recently issued a joint statement condemning Guaido's arbitrary detention and expressed their total rejection of any action that may affect the physical integrity of National Assembly members, as well as their families and allies.


Published: 1/14/2019
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