Peruvian Deputy FA Min meets with Swedish counterpart

13:37 | Stockholm (Sweden), Sep. 11.

Peruvian Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Jaime Pomareda held a meeting with Swedish State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Annika Söder in the Swedish capital city of Stockholm on Wednesday.

During the meeting, both officials addressed regional and bilateral issues, including the advantage of boosting investments in the Inca country's mining sector

Likewise, the Peruvian diplomat proposed the possibility of developing a vacations and work program for young people from both countries, which was received with interest by his Swedish counterpart. 

Furthermore, Pomareda invited Swedish authorities to participate in the celebrations of the Inca country's Independence Bicentennial in Stockholm and Lima

Lastly, she invited Peru to participate in Prime Minister Stefan Löfven's initiative —Global Deal— aimed at improving conditions in the global employment market through social dialogue among relevant actors.


Publicado: 11/9/2019

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