Peru President signs extradition resolution against dismissed Judge Hinostroza

10:41 | Lima, Nov. 15.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday inked the supreme resolution requesting extradition of ex-Supreme Judge Cesar Hinostroza from Spain.

Via social media, the Head of State affirmed the fight against corruption remains firm with the support of all Peruvians.

Precisely today, the Government accepted the extradition request submitted by the Preparatory Investigation Court and approved by Peruvian Supreme Court against Hinostroza.

According to the resolution, published in El Peruano official gazette, the ex-magistrate will be tried for allegedly committing a public order offense: criminal organization.

As is known, the former magistrate is accused of leading a criminal organization known as "The Port's White Collars."

Hinostroza has been arrested in Madrid (Spain) since October 19, after he had fled Peru through a border control point in the north.

The criminal group's alleged crimes came to light as media released a series of audio recordings of phone conversations between Hinostroza and members of the National Council of the Magistracy (CNM) —currently called the National Justice Board.

As a result, Congress approved a constitutional complaint against him for allegedly being involved in organized crime.

Likewise, Parliament approved the disgraced authority be dismissed and banned from holding public office for 10 years.

After slipping over the border to Ecuador, Hinostroza headed to Spain to request political asylum.

Nevertheless, according to Spanish authorities, he will remain in prison until his extradition to Peru is determined.

In October, the Preparatory Investigation Court ordered a 36-month pretrial detention for the ex-judge, who has been accused of allegedly being involved in organized crime, committing the crimes of illegal sponsorship, influence peddling, and incompatible negotiation.

Last week, Peruvian Supreme Court approved an active extradition petition from the Preparatory Investigation Court for the dismissed judge.

Also, the Supreme Prosecutor's Office for Crimes Committed by Public Officials, led by Supreme Prosecutor Jesus Fernandez, carried out a raid in his house.


Publicado: 15/11/2018