Peru President: Ex-judge Hinostroza arrested in Spain

Former Supreme Judge Cesar Hinostroza.

Former Supreme Judge Cesar Hinostroza.

08:50 | Lima, Oct. 19.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra confirmed the arrest of former Supreme Judge Cesar Hinostroza in Madrid, Spain.

The detention of the dismissed ex-magistrate —who fled the Inca country in an illegal manner on October 7— took place early in the morning of Friday (10:25 AM local time in Spain), the Peruvian leader said in an interview at the Lima-based Government Palace.

"Cesar Hinostroza was captured in Madrid, Spain at dawn (in Peru) and is currently in custody of Spanish police," he informed.

According to the Head of State, he had previously spoken with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who pledged to make every effort to secure the return of the disgraced ex-judge.  

Vizcarra told RPP radio and TV news station that the Executive Branch is making every possible effort to have the fugitive expelled from Spain.

Likewise, he affirmed exemplary punishment will be given to players involved in the fleeing.

The Peruvian leader took the opportunity to affirm his confidence in Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva. 

About the case

Cesar Hinostroza is implicated in a series of audio recordings released by Panorama TV show and investigative journalism site IDL-Reporteros.

In the conversations, the former judge offers and accepts favors to and from National Council of the Magistracy (CNM) members and other officials.

According to statements contained in one audio recording, Hinostroza had allegedly negotiated —with an unknown caller— the application of a mild punishment against a child rapist.

On October 4, Peruvian Congress approved that Hinostroza be dismissed, banned from holding public office for 10 years, and accused of organized crime involvement.

He was also accused of allegedly committing the crimes of illegal sponsorship, influence peddling, and incompatible negotiation.

It must be noted the Judiciary approved a request to forbid Hinostroza from leaving the country back in July.

Last Wednesday, the same branch of government issued a search notice and an international arrest warrant against ex-Supreme Court Judge Cesar Hinostroza, following a preventive detention request by the Public Ministry.


Published: 10/19/2018
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