Peru: Non-traditional exports to EU reached US$3.163 billion in 2020

Photo: ANDINA/Diffusion

Photo: ANDINA/Diffusion

14:01 | Lima, Feb. 20.

Peru's non-traditional exports to the European Union (EU) amounted to US$3.163 billion in 2020, mainly boosted by the farming sector and the FTA signed with this economic bloc, the Peruvian Foreign Trade Society (ComexPeru) reported on Saturday.

According to the exporting guild, the farming sector grew 8.6% in 2020 compared to 2019, thus reaching US$ 2.276 billion and representing 42.8% of total sales to the EU, as well as 71.9% of non-traditional shipments.

Likewise, Comex indicated that the benefits of the FTA can be seen at a regional level.

In this sense, Piura (US$713 million), Lima (US$709 million), La Libertad (US$543 million), Ica (US$404 million), and Lambayeque (US$274 million) regions registered the greatest shipments to the European Union.

Furthermore, it pointed out that the European Union-Peru Free Trade Agreement has enabled the South American country to consolidate its exports to this economic bloc equally between traditional and non-traditional shipments.

The accord has also contributed to reducing the impacts of external shocks —such as the COVID-19 pandemic— thanks to the participation of non-traditional exports.

It must be noted that the FTA is aimed at increasing, as well as diversifying exports, and its effects have been positive.


Publicado: 20/2/2021