Peru FA Min: Number of repatriated Peruvians to double this week

11:34 | Lima, Mar. 31.

Foreign Affairs Minister Gustavo Meza-Cuadra reported that the number of Peruvian nationals repatriated from abroad, following the closure of borders and the suspension of international flights —as a precautionary measure to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the South American nation— will double to around 7,000 this week.

The government official noted that 4,800 fellow citizens and residents, who were stranded in different parts of the world, have returned to the country with the support of the Government.

Additionally, he pledged continued efforts to facilitate the return of Peruvians this week, giving priority to those in vulnerable situations.

"We have made the necessary efforts to increase the number of repatriated Peruvian nationals. The flow will double this week and, probably, 7,000 fellow citizens will have returned by the weekend. We are prioritizing the most vulnerable," he said in statements to RPP radio and TV station.

According to the minister, the Government will continue to make the necessary efforts to ease the return of Peruvians on special flights.

Meza-Cuadra emphasized that the priority is the health of all Peruvians, which is why different protocols were applied —to facilitate their return— when airports were closed.

For this reason, Peruvian nationals or residents arriving in the country are sent to a hotel, instead of home, to comply with the quarantine because the social isolation cannot be put at risk.


Publicado: 31/3/2020

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