Peru's main airport closed, special flights via Air Group No. 8

10:34 | Lima, Mar. 22.

Peru's Foreign Affairs Ministry announced the closure of Jorge Chavez International Airport starting Sunday, March 22, in order to comply with the social isolation measures stipulated by the Executive Branch, it said in a statement.

In this sense, only State flights —that is, flights operated by foreign governments— will be authorized via Air Group No 8 in a bid to repatriate their citizens and bring —on an exceptional basis— Peruvian citizens to the country, mainly those in vulnerable situations, who have been duly verified and previously approved by the competent authorities.

"Under the strictest conditions of security and health, monitored by the Ministry of Health (Minsa) and the National Civil Defense Institute (Indeci), Peruvians arriving in these flights will be taken to specially designed shelters so that these citizens can comply with the mandatory quarantine away from home, for a period of 15 days," reads the statement.

The Government of Peru and, more specifically, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its consulates abroad, will make every effort to deal with the challenges that this pandemic has brought, the document says.

The consulates —the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explains— will be reinforced by personnel at Peruvian embassies and will continue making arrangements to aid those Peruvians who have been stranded overseas, those in need, and those who require greater support to remain where they are.  

"We ask those who have the means to maintain themselves overseas for your comprehension and to observe the stipulated quarantine as borders remain close," the statement added.

Finally, the solidarity of Peruvian communities abroad is invoked so that they can join this initiative of supporting Peruvians who, for different circumstances, require assistance in this moment, as has happened quite often before.

"Our consulates will have the channels to distribute any type of help that you can offer under these difficult circumstances. We are confident that we will be able to tackle this difficult situation together," it concludes.


Published: 3/22/2020
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