Haitians enter Peru by force, stop in Madre de Dios region

18:01 | Iñapari (Madre de Dios region), Feb. 16.

Madre de Dios Region Governor Luis Hidalgo described the situation in Iñapari district (Tahuamanu Province) as "delicate," given that Haitian migrants have entered the territory by force, claiming that they did so only to continue their journey to other countries.

To address this serious problem, the regional authority has urgently requested the National Government to declare a state of emergency in Madre de Dios, which is also affected by floods from rising rivers and torrential rains.

Moreover, Hidalgo stated that he will meet with Prime Minister Violeta Bermudez and Foreign Affairs Minister Allan Wagner to provide a prompt solution to the migrants' claim.

The governor emphasized that humanitarian action must prevail to avoid putting national public health at risk —a situation that is aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also reported that Haitian migrants broke the security cordon made up of a few members of the National Police, the Army, and the Navy, adding that the foreigners are being controlled to the extent possible. 

Hidalgo explained that the situation is complicated since Haitians have already crossed the international bridge, thus reaching Iñapari district, where Mayor Abraham Cardozo and law enforcement officers are trying to handle the crisis carefully.

The regional governor is in Lima as part of the 13th GORE-Executive meeting, in which he presented a report on the evolution of the health situation in Madre de Dios, and another on the commitments of the Intergovernmental Health Commission, economic reactivation, and the beginning of the school year.


Publicado: 16/2/2021