All you need to know about Lima's air terminal: Airport city to be connected to the world

09:30 | Lima, Sep. 14.

Jorge Chavez International Airport has entered the final countdown and is about to become an airport city. The new air terminal, set to be inaugurated in January 2025, will be a modern city with runways in its surroundings.

The new airport will include numerous facilities for aviation and non-aviation activities, such as logistics and loading areas, hangars, offices, warehouses, parking lots, hotels, stores, among others.

Even though the new air terminal will begin operations in 2025, the entire airport city is expected to continue its modernization efforts into 2051.

The new Jorge Chavez will operate over an area of 900 ha (which is equivalent to the area of Lima's Miraflores district), with two runways, one control tower, and a single terminal for passengers, which will be equipped with several services and commercial areas.

"Our investment in the expansion project's works amounts to over US$2 billion. We look forward to a future Jorge Chavez (Airport) turned into a platform for trade, which will be perfectly integrated into the city," a representative of Lima Airport Partners (LAP), Lorena Trelles, told Andina news agency.

Trelles emphasized that the new control tower and the second runway entered into operation last April.

The new control tower is 65 meters high, and the second runway is 3,480 meters long. Besides, there are more than 10 kilometers of taxiway, approach lights, and beaconing systems.

Likewise, the second runway sees modern asphalt and will be used gradually, as set forth by the corresponding authorities.

"The new Jorge Chavez International Airport is getting ready to become a safe, friendly, and sustainable place for all its passengers. This new 900-hectare infrastructure will feature a new monitoring system, which includes video content analysis and detection sensors around the perimeter of the entire airport," the spokesperson stated.
Trelles revealed that the entry of vehicles into the parking lot will be controlled. Moreover, their movement and stay time will be monitored.

Furthermore, LAP's representative indicated that the entire infrastructure will be smart, as it will include a centralized control system for buildings within the airport, which will turn them into smart structures.

"This platform will enable the airport to control and manage, through a single system, variables as diverse as: lighting, alarms, climate, energy, security, among others," she remarked.

On the other hand, the new terminal will be equipped with security cameras, which will be connected to a video surveillance system. 

In addition, the new Jorge Chavez airport will have a great Operations Control Center, which will manage and monitor, in real time, the resources and operations that are necessary for the proper functioning of the airport.

"The airport will be provided with an Early Warning System for Quakes and Tsunamis, through the installation of sensors at the terminal and the permanent communication with the National Civil Defense Institute (Indeci)," Trelles added.

Publicado: 14/9/2023