U.S. congratulates Peru for leadership in fight against corruption

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

18:31 | Lima, Apr. 14.

The United States congratulated Peru for its leadership in the fight against corruption, whose actions are not only developed in the Inca country but were shown at last year's Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peruvian Foreign Affairs Minister Nestor Popolizio announced on Saturday.

"The Secretary of State (Mike Pompeo) congratulated President Martin Vizcarra for his leadership in the fight against corruption and, obviously, this fight is not only Peru's fight," Minister Popolizio expressed.

"They mentioned the result of the Summit of the Americas, held last year, in the Lima Commitment where the United States and Peru are allies in the fight against corruption at all levels, mainly at the international level," he added.

Likewise, he said President Martin Vizcarra informed of Peru's actions against illegal mining, particularly in the zone known as La Pampa, located in eastern Madre de Dios region.


"… with the aim of consolidating it as Venezuela's transitional government, so free as well as democratic elections are called, and this involves the end of the dictatorship led by Nicolas Maduro," he stated.

Likewise, he noted the Lima Group member countries have been working strongly with the aim of pressuring and isolating Maduro so that a change can occur in Venezuela.

"We are going to continue working at the Lima Group and other groups to isolate Maduro's regime. I want to thank Secretary Mike Pompeo's visit and, above all, highlight the excellent level of bilateral relations," he added.


According to Popolizio, the meeting saw participants discussing the United States-Peru Free Trade Agreement, which entered into force 10 years ago.


The chief of U.S. diplomacy arrived in Lima on Saturday. Previously, he visited Chile and Paraguay. His next stop will be in Cucuta (Colombia).


Published: 4/13/2019
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