Peru FA Min: Venezuela is a dictatorship

15:19 | Lima, Jan. 11.

Venezuelans are living in a dictatorship under Nicolas Maduro's regime, reaffirmed Peru's Foreign Affairs Minister Nestor Popolizio, saying the political situation of that country is being assessed to shape the future of diplomatic relations.

"Together with our Charge d'Affaires, we are going to assess the evolution of the political situation in Venezuela, of a regime that —as you know— Peru views as a dictatorship," he pointed out.

The diplomat said that a possible rupture of diplomatic relations with Venezuela has never been ruled out, although a realistic option now is the decrease of Peruvian diplomatic presence in said territory.

Likewise, he affirmed Peru fulfills its international obligation to provide protection to foreign diplomatic and consular missions accredited to the country within the framework of the Vienna Convention.

In this sense, Popolizio claimed they responded rapidly and effectively to safeguard the Venezuelan Embassy in Lima during a protest held by Venezuelans against Maduro's dictatorial regime.

According to the government official, his office contacted the Interior Ministry to do so, and the action was welcomed by the Venezuelan Charge d'Affaires in Lima.

"That's why we were surprised at the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister's tweet, which held Peru responsible for any situation at his diplomatic mission. It was completely inappropriate because our response was rapid and effective," he stated.

According to the Peruvian Foreign Affairs' head, the police captured those who stepped inside the embassy, and they are currently under investigation.


Published: 1/11/2019
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