Peru: Commitment against corruption approved at Summit of the Americas

ANDINA/Prensa Presidencia

11:57 | Lima, Apr. 14.

Heads of State and Government —attending the 8th Summit of the Americas— on Saturday approved by acclamation the Lima Commitment titled "Democratic Governance against Corruption."

During his participation at the plenary session, President Martin Vizcarra requested attendees to express their firm will to fight corruption by adopting the Lima Commitment.

In this regard, he called on them to approve said document by acclamation, to which dignitaries responded positively.

"I want to express my satisfaction for the adoption, by acclamation, of the Lima Commitment," the statesman noted.

"We are sure this result reinvigorates the summit process since this mechanism has managed to adopt, by consensus, its final document after 13 years," he added.

Furthermore, the Peruvian leader acknowledged the delegations' participation in the drawing up of the aforementioned document.

According to President Vizcarra, that effort allowed foreign affairs ministers of the hemisphere to agree on the Lima Commitment.

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Published: 4/14/2018
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