Peru President: Government to boost integrity to fight corruption

10:43 | Lima, Mar. 28.

President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday affirmed his administration will boost an ineludible integrity policy as a strategy to fight corruption.

"(…) Not only because it is the required path to enter the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), but also to build a developed, prosperous, and sustainable country," the Head of State expressed.

During his speech, the top official ratified the government's commitment to continuing this crusade and not to give in to corruption

"We do not sweep it (corruption) under the carpet anymore. Instead, we uncover, expose, and confront it," the statesman said. 

Likewise, he indicated sustainable development is impossible if corruption and impunity persist, as they destroy the State's foundations, discourage investments, divert public funds, and anger citizens. 

In this sense, President Vizcarra recalled firm steps were taken to attack this systemic evil, such as the approval of the 2018-2021 National Plan for Integrity and Fight against Corruption and the creation of the Public Integrity Secretary’s Office. 

The Head of State also mentioned the supreme decrees, which oblige decision-making officials to register and make transparent their meetings, as well as to present a sworn declaration. 

Within this framework, he highlighted over 9,000 employees have complied with this order. 

Moreover, the top official informed his administration will boost a political reform in order to strengthen democracy and the political system, the same way justice reforms were encouraged. 

Remarks were made at the Government Palace during the delivery of OECD's study "The Institutional Integrity Offices in Peru. Towards the Implementation of an Integrity System."


Published: 3/28/2019
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