Peru President: Small farmers not to be abandoned

17:14 | Chanchamayo (Junin region), Aug. 2.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday affirmed his administration will not abandon the country's small farmers and will solve problems caused by the conversion of State-run agricultural bank (Agrobanco) into "Mi Agro."

Speaking from Andean Junin region, Vizcarra said he has tasked Agriculture Minister Gustavo Mostajo to —along with Economy and Finance Minister Carlos Oliva— come up with a solution for those who took loans from Agrobanco.

"The subject is being discussed at Congress to see what can be done, but what I can clearly say is that we are not going to abandon small farmers from across the country," he affirmed.

Likewise, the statesman remarked the approach to solving this problem of small farmers' access to loans "will be comprehensive."

"Agrobanco's problem is its huge debt, which is difficult to recover, but we are going to recover it. In the meantime, we'll pursue an alternative mechanism to keep helping farmers," he said.


Regarding the referendum —as announced in his annual address to the nation as part of Peru's 197th Independence Day celebrations— Vizcarra affirmed this is an important way to solve existing problems in the justice administration system and constitutes a necessary political reform.

"These are the issues we have taken into consideration and we pass them to Congress. I hope it (the referendum) coincides with one of the two elections —for local and regional authorities— scheduled for 2018 so that all Peruvians can express their views on political and justice topics this year," he pointed out.

In this sense, the President claimed many issues can be included in the referendum, but the political reform is most needed since a decision to change may be taken —backed by the population— after many years.


Published: 8/2/2018
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