Peru PM: Government firmly determined to call referendum

17:02 | Lima, Jul. 30.

The Government is firmly determined to call a referendum on political and justice reforms, Peru's Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva said Monday.

The Cabinet's chief believes that now is the best moment to strengthen democracy through such mechanism.

He said the Executive's project to reform the National Council of the Magistracy (CNM) is almost ready.

As is known, former CNM members were implicated in a series of audio recordings revealing corruption in the Inca country's judicial system.

This institution needs to be reformed from the root, he remarked, and the Government is working on the other three political reform-related proposals: re-election of lawmakers, return to the bicameral parliamentary system, and private financing of political parties.

After consulting experts, he explained, the projects will be submitted to Parliament for their approval, thus paving the way for the aforementioned referendum.

Villanueva noted the bicameral parliamentary system will improve the quality of the laws.

As for the re-election issue, he said a popular consultation should not cause fear as citizens have the right to make their opinion heard.

"The important thing here is to implement political and justice system reforms. There is an urgency to make these reforms," he commented.

"Our decision to call a referendum —aimed at key reforms needed in the country— is firm," the Cabinet's chief added.

Likewise, he assured a Congress call for a referendum would be positive for the country as it would save time and tensions.

"We want the population to be involved in the decision-making since a political self-reform is not possible with the same group of people," he stated.

According to Villanueva, holding the referendum alongside regional and municipal elections —scheduled for October 7— would be ideal. 


Published: 7/30/2018
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