Peru President proposes referendum on Congress members re-election

14:30 | Lima, Jul. 28.

President Martin Vizcarra on Saturday proposed holding a referendum to determine whether Peruvians want lawmakers to be re-elected.

The announcement was made in his annual address to the nation as part of Peru's 197th Independence Day celebrations.

The Head of State recalled the current law prohibits the re-election of mayors, regional governors, and presidents, who are all elected by popular vote. 

"We want to ask whether this rule should apply to lawmakers, too," the Head of State pointed out.

Besides the re-election of legislators, he explained, the referendum will decide on a reform of the National Council of the Magistracy (CNM).

It will also address political parties' financing and the return to the bicameral parliamentary system.

Responding to citizens' demands

All this, he said, will be carried out as part of the political reform required by the country, in the face of citizens' disappointment at State institutions.

"Worrying levels —which require response— have been recorded in recent times. Citizens demand changes, and our responsibility is to make them. We cannot look the other way when the population expresses dissatisfaction," Vizcarra added.

Peru's top official said he is convinced the referendum is healthy for democracy and called on Congress to fulfill his request.
He spoke on behalf of the Executive to ensure people's vote in the referendum will be respected.


Published: 7/28/2018
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