Peru President takes real leadership in justice reform

11:05 | Lima, Jul. 23.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra takes real leadership as he drives major justice reform in the Andean country, Justice and Human Rights Minister Vicente Zeballos affirmed.

According to the minister, the audio recordings implicating the National Council of the Magistracy (CNM) and some Judicial Branch members in influence peddling allowed the Head of State to put his leadership on display.

"A courageous decision has been taken, showing —one more time— the President's leadership in the major reform he is driving for better justice in the country," he told Canal N local channel.

Likewise, the government official said this leadership has the consensus of citizens and generates sensitivity in other sectors like Congress.

"The Parliament reacts and is involved (in this reform). Who encouraged and led it? The President of the Republic," he emphasized.

Zeballos informed that much of the Justice System Reform Commission's report will be introduced during the Independence Day address to the nation on July 28.

"I agree with the establishment of this commission, besides I embrace it with a lot of enthusiasm and optimism. An advance report will be presented on Wednesday and they (the Commission members) will continue working after that," he pointed out.

The minister recalled that previous works by the National Agreement for Justice and the Special Commission on Comprehensive Justice System Reform (Ceriajus) yielded interesting results, although unfortunately progress was not made.


Published: 7/23/2018
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