Peru President reaffirms fight against corruption

10:33 | Lima, Feb. 14.

The President of the Republic, Martin Vizcarra, on Friday affirmed that the fight against corruption is a flag that he will not lower until his administration ends in July 2021, and that there will be no campaign or attack that can push him back in that sense.

The Head of State argued that the decisive actions of his Government have caused some parties and groupsaffected by the latest extraordinary parliamentary election results, the rejection of the population, or those that feel threatened by the actions of justice— to attack him.

"They will not achieve that. Our efforts, alongside the people, to fight against corruption, to eliminate inequalities will not change, and we will not go backwards," he expressed.

The top official also noted that he supports the Judiciary and the Public Ministry in their efforts to fight corruption and determine those responsible, so that they pay the consequences —while respecting the independence of powers.

"My administration does not coordinate, does not negotiate with corruption. It is quite the contrary, my administration fights corruption. That has been our aim, and we will continue to do so until the last day (in office)," he stated.

Changes in the Cabinet

Asked about the changes in the Ministerial Cabinet, the President said that —after making an assessment along with Prime Minister Vicente Zeballos— it was considered convenient to 
replace the Ministers of Justice; Education; Energy-Mines; and Transport-Communications. As is known, four ministers were sworn in on Thursday night.

In this sense, he said there may be a change of people in the government team, but the guidelines remain the same.


Published: 2/14/2020
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