Peru President announces dissolution of Congress

17:49 | Lima, Sep. 30.

President Martin Vizcarra on Monday afternoon announced the dissolution of Congress and new elections in Peru.

The remarks were made during a televised address to the nation delivered while a plenary session was taking place at the Legislative Branch headquarters.

The Peruvian leader said his decision constitutes a constitutional mechanism provided in Article 134 of the Constitution.

"In the face of the factual refusal of the confidence motion and, with full respect for the Constitution, I have decided to constitutionally dissolve Congress and call new legislative elections," said the top official in a speech read from the Government Palace.

"In the end, it will be the people who decide who is right, the congressional majority —which I dissolved today and has opposed the Executive Branch— or the Executive Branch, by electing a new majority," he added.

Mr. Vizcarra explained that the dissolution of Congress is within his powers conferred by the Constitution and "seeks a democratic and participatory solution to the problem the country has faced for more than three years."

"Ending this stage of political entrapment that prevented Peru from growing at its own pace. May this exceptional measure allow citizens to finally express themselves and decide the country's future at the polls." 

President Vizcarra recalled that took office a year and a half ago through constitutional succession, following a major institutional crisis caused by a series of events, which resulted in an impeachment motion against ex-President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and his subsequent resignation.

"Since my inauguration speech, I outlined the key points of my government’s plan, whose first two pillars were the fight against corruption and the strengthening of institutions. That speech, which was applauded by congress members, then turned into a supreme decree, through which we started to take measures to fulfil the commitment I made to Peruvians," he affirmed.


Published: 9/30/2019
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