BBC News highlights Fujimorismo's defeat in parliamentary elections

13:30 | London (UK), Jan. 27.

Preliminary results of Peru's extraordinary parliamentary elections point to a fragmented Congress, in which Accion Popular will be the lead party and Fuerza Popular —the party of Keiko Fujimori, which at some point had been the dominant opposition party— the sixth, the prestigious BBC News reported on Monday.

In the article, Fuerza Popular (Popular Force) is described as a once influential conservative party, which managed to dominate Congress before it was dissolved by President Martin Vizcarra in September last year.

BBC News recalled that the newly elected legislators' time in Congress would be brief —thru July 2021— since they will be replaced after next year's general elections.

Despite a notoriously fragmented Congress, the article states that the vote shares garnered by centrist parties would be favorable to President Vizcarra.

Analysts think that the Government will be able to drive the anti-corruption reforms staunchly opposed by the opposition majority in Congress if it convinces enough small parties to agree with it.

The publication highlights the results obtained by a quick count carried out by Ipsos research firm, in which Fuerza Popular appears in sixth place, thus dropping from the 36.3% it won in the 2016 election to 7%.

On the other hand, the article stressed the fact that Accion Popular would emerge as the strongest party, followed by FREPAP, a party that had not gained representation in Congress since 2000.

Another surprise, according to the quick count, was that Union por el Peru cleared the 5% threshold needed to secure parliamentary representation.


Published: 1/27/2020
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