Peru President reaffirms commitment to culture and education

13:20 | Lima, Jul. 20.

President Martin Vizcarra reiterated his Government's commitment to promoting reading habit in Peru, as well as fostering culture and education in general.

"I ratify my commitment to reading, culture, and education. Plus, I reaffirm with pleasure my pledge to make a greater country together, and I'm convinced one way to do so is through reading," he said at the opening of the 23rd Lima International Book Fair on Thursday.

According to the Peruvian leader, one of his administration's goals is to increase citizens' quality of life, and this requires not only tangible works but measures aimed at improving humans' inner side.

"And such inner side is developed through education and reading," he pointed out.

The statesman emphasized his participation at the book fair shows the Executive's willingness to promote culture from the State.

In this sense, he finds it contradictory that no president had attended the Book Fair despite all administrations' constantly expressed support for culture.

"Authorities always promote education and culture, but without setting an example, there is no connection between what's said and what's done (…). We want to go further and Culture Minister Patricia Balbuena has witnessed that," he stated.

He even shared reading-related memories of his life. For instance, he mentioned his father was an avid reader and that most of the memories he has of him have to do with reading.

In fact, he underlined one of his daughters has inherited such habit as she is very rarely seen without a book in her hands.


Published: 7/20/2018
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