Peru President: We can achieve development by eliminating corruption

12:29 | Huanuco (Huanuco region), Aug. 15.

In order to achieve development, Peru must eliminate corruption first which requires the participation of all sectors, President Martin Vizcarra affirmed Wednesday.

"If we can accomplish our goal (eliminating corruption), then we can achieve the development all Peruvians deserve (…)," the Head of State expressed. 

The top official underlined the same efforts undertaken to lay the foundations for Peru's Independence —which had started in Huanuco— are once again needed to free the Inca country from the aforementioned scourge "that causes a lot of damage to us."

"(…) Unfortunately, corruption has infected all our institutions, ministries, regional governments, municipalities, and the Judicial Branch," the statesman explained. 

Within this framework, he urged all Peruvians to fight against corruptness, starting at home and called on young people to commit to the cause as well. 

"(…) We will continue walking on the path we have started. Nothing and nobody can't stop us. We move forward," President Vizcarra stressed. 

Remarks were made during Huanuco's 479th-anniversary ceremony. 


Published: 8/15/2018
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