Peru PM: "We are confident six political reform bills will be approved"

00:00 | Lima, Jun. 20.

Prime Minister Salvador del Solar has affirmed he is confident the six political reforms bills —submitted by President Martin Vizcarra's administration to Congress— will be approved during the current legislative term.

In this sense, the high-ranking official underlined the Executive Branch is focused on boosting the political reform and expressed his optimism, as the Constitution Commission has already approved the first proposal that was included in the confidence motion submitted by the Executive Branch to Parliament.

During the gathering, it was made clear that the Government does not wish to create controversies through statements that may answer hypothetical questions. 

"We believe citizens want news about what we are doing (…). Right now, we are focused on boosting the reform," the Prime Minister stressed. 

On the other hand, he indicated the meeting was fruitful and ratified his confidence in remaining on the path to move the six constitutional reform bills forward

"We hold and continue holding conversations in order to create consensus on these six bills. We believe we are moving forward," the high-ranking official added. 

Finally, Prime Minister Del Solar pointed out the objective of these audiences is to clarify the discussion and the essence of the proposals, which can benefit from the parliamentary debates


Published: 6/20/2019
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