Peru PM: Anti-tax evasion law to enable collection worth up to US$1.82 billion

13:14 | Lima, May. 6.

Peruvian Prime Minister Salvador del Solar on Monday noted the publication of the supreme decree establishing the form and content for the entry into force of the anti-tax evasion law, which will enable the Inca country to collect between S/2.4 billion (US$727 million) and S/6 billion (US$1.82 billion) per year.

In remarks to State-run TV Peru channel, the cabinet chief indicated the pension increase for retirees —under the 19990 Law— was the result of last year's good collection

Furthermore, he stressed the Vizcarra administration works in order to transform the country by promoting justice-political reforms and boosting economic growth

In this sense, Del Solar pointed out the best action the Legislative and the Executive Branches could undertake for Peru's benefit is to promote the political reform with the purpose of showing signs of change to citizens. 

"The invitation has been made. The reform has been worked on, it is in Parliament, and we could give it a higher priority (…)," he said. 

On the other hand, the Prime Minister reaffirmed his respect for the separation of powers


Published: 5/6/2019
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