U.S. Amb.: Separation of powers exists in Peru

13:55 | Paracas (Ica region), Nov. 30.

U.S. Ambassador to Lima Krishna R. Urs on Friday affirmed there is a separation of powers in Peru, and referred to it as one of its main strengths.

Likewise, the official indicated that even though the audio recordings implicating the National Council of the Magistracy (CNM) revealed a less-than-ideal situation within the justice system, he believes everything can be rectified. 

As is known, these recordings —released by Panorama TV show and investigative journalism site IDL-Reporteros— implicated ex-Supreme Judge Cesar Hinostroza and CNM members in alleged crimes. 

Hinostroza is currently in a Spanish prison after having fled the Inca country back in October. 

Furthermore, Ambassador Urs confirmed he is optimistic about Peru and recalled he had visited the nation for the first time in 1979. 

At that time, a military dictatorship ruled the Inca country, and since then, significant progress has been made, in terms of economic growth, fight against drug-trafficking and terrorism, among other issues. 

“We have had four free and transparent elections,” he told RPP radio and TV station. 

Remarks were made during the 56th edition of the Annual Conference of Executives (CADE-Executives 2018) currently underway in Paracas, Peru.

It should be noted President Martin Vizcarra reaffirmed his total respect for the separation of powers and rule of law, after former Head of State Alan Garcia requested asylum in Uruguay. 

Additionally, the top official said he is convinced a justice administration system is the foundation of a fair and transparent democracy without impunity.


Published: 11/30/2018
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