Peru PM: 2020 Budget prioritizes fight against corruption, continuation of reforms

13:40 | Lima, Sep. 5.

Prime Minister Salvador del Solar on Thursday affirmed the Public Sector's Budget, Debt, and Financial Balance for 2020 Bill prioritizes the fight against corruption and the continuation of justice system reforms.

"So all Peruvians can trust their institutions again (…)," the high-ranking official expressed in this sense.

Likewise, he announced the Executive Branch intends to raise awareness of issues that have been forgotten for a long time. Thus, it will put emphasis on fighting violence against women, as well as adequately facing the consequences of frost and cold spell

Furthermore, the cabinet chief stressed the Executive Branch is convinced the Peruvian State must guarantee a safe life for all citizens, as well as the access to high-quality health and education services.

In this sense, Del Solar indicated next year's budget includes more resources to improve connectivity, strengthen risk management, and boost the farming sector

Moreover, the Prime Minister stated the administration will not stop the efforts to provide an honest and efficient decentralization in order to bring the State closer to the citizens.

"As a Government, we are convinced economic growth must be translated into a greater well-being for Peruvians. Our commitment is to achieving that none sector of our society gets left behind," he added. 

Last week, the Executive Branch submitted the 2020 Budget Bill to Congress, which amounts to S/177.367 billion (around US$52.320 billion), a nominal increase of 5.53% compared to the previous one.


Published: 9/5/2019
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