Peru PM: Govt triples budget to counter frost, cold spell impacts

Photo: PCM Peru

13:27 | Daniel Hernandez (Huancavelica region), Aug. 23.

Prime Minister Salvador del Solar has affirmed the Peruvian Government tripled the budget aimed at countering the impacts of frost and cold spell.

Likewise, he recalled the Inca country relies —for the first time— on a multi-year, multi-sectoral, and multi-level plan against the abovementioned natural phenomenon. 

"Thanks to this plan (…) we can provide houses that enable their residents to live under more friendly temperatures and thus use less firewood," the cabinet chief expressed. 

The Prime Minister also highlighted this is the first time an administration has achieved to deliver vaccines —in advance— against any type of respiratory infection.

"Peru must be a country where citizens feel their State cares about them," he added. 

Remarks were made during the delivery of 44 warm houses in Daniel Hernandez District.

These homes are part of Cooperation Fund for Social Development's (Foncodes) Mi Abrigo (My Warm Shelter) Project aimed at protecting families in risk due to the impacts of frost.

The Prime Minister was joined by Development and Social Inclusion Minister Paola Bustamante on the occasion.


Published: 8/23/2019
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