Peru President reaffirms Gov't commitment to fighting violence against women

11:23 | Lima, Jun. 18.

President Martin Vizcarra reaffirmed his administration's commitment to combating violence against women, adding the 19 ministries, regional and municipal governments, as well as the entire society should focus on the fight against this scourge.

According to the Head of State, it would be a mistake to think Women and Vulnerable Populations Ministry (MIMP) is the only sector of the Executive Branch in charge of fighting gender-based violence

In this sense, the top official indicated the Executive Branch is aware its efforts towards a more equal, tolerant, and violence-free society will be insufficient if regional and municipal authorities do not get involved. Otherwise, they will not benefit the entire nation. 

For that reason, he guaranteed the Government will approve the necessary budget increase to boost the combat against this scourge, which manifests itself in different ways in Peru, being femicide the most serious one. 

"Be assured we will provide the necessary budget," the statesman expressed. 

Likewise, President Vizcarra indicated he is sure the best legacy for the Inca country is a more just, equal, and respectful society

Furthermore, the Head of State said he is optimistic and confident the current gender-based violence situation can change with hard work. 

"It will not be easy. A lot of work is required to change mindsets. Structural changes are necessary too, but we are going to do so," he said.

Remarks were made during the presentation of the report "10 messages about violence against women in Peru," promoted by the World Bank


Published: 6/18/2019
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