Lima Group countries do not recognize Venezuelan Parliament election result

10:35 | Lima, Jan. 6.

The Lima Group countries have condemned the use of force by Nicolas Maduro's dictatorial regime to prevent the National Assembly deputies from freely accessing the session convened for January 5, which was aimed at democratically electing their board.

In a statement, the States indicated that the National Assembly has the constitutional right to meet without any intimidation or interference to elect its chair and board members.

Therefore, they stressed that "we do not recognize the result of an election which violates those rights and that has been held without the full participation of the deputies who attended the session."

Similarly, the Lima Group members noted that they follow —with extreme concern— the events which occur in Venezuela and called on the international community to work together in order to support the recovery of democracy and the restoration of the rule of law in that country.

The Lima Group is made up of the Governments of Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Saint Lucia, and Venezuela (Guaido administration).

Deputy Luis Parra proclaimed himself as Venezuelan Parliament Chairman without the presence of Interim President Juan Guaido at the Legislative Palace, which the opposition denounced as "a parliamentary coup d'etat."

Parra —who after being accused of corruption broke ties with Guaido— swore in while the parliament chief unsuccessfully tried to enter the National Assembly headquarters last Sunday.


Published: 1/6/2020