President Castillo: Peru's change is possible by working and siding with the people

11:17 | Tarapoto (San Martin region), Oct. 14.

The President of the Republic Pedro Castillo on Thursday affirmed that the country's change is possible with work, by siding with the population, not with a tweet, as some people think.

"Everything has changed today. Now people think the country can be changed with a tweet, and that is not true. The country can be changed with work, by siding with the population, by fighting along with them," he said in front of inhabitants from the locality of Caspizapa in San Martin region.

The Head of State thanked youth, farmers, and ronderos (patrollers) for their support, noting that he is subjected to the scrutiny of the people and urging them to take to the streets if they find out that they (the government officials) are stealing the country's money.

"We are here because of the will of the people. We are from the people and work for the people. The agrarian development minister is here, so we hope the district's agriculture-related problems will be included on his agenda," he said.

The Peruvian leader commented that he understands housewives, who worry about the price of cooking gas, noting that there will be surprises.

He affirmed that the challenge of his Government is to ensure that the country's resources are available to the people.

In addition, the top official emphasized that, when it comes to recover the resources and grant rights to the people, there is no need "to shout or raise our voice, we must talk and gather our thoughts."

Mr. Castillo's remarks were delivered shortly before he supervised health care services at a hospital in Picota as part of a working visit to San Martin region.


Publicado: 14/10/2021