Peru's President: New vaccination program a success in the country



09:22 | Lima, May. 3.

Peruvian President Francisco Sagasti has affirmed that the new vaccination program is a success in the country, adding that more than one million Peruvians have already received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine so far.

The Head of State said that the Transition and Emergency Government stated that the vaccine will become available to all elderly people.

"1,108,055 people have already received the first dose, while 626,672 have gotten the second dose. We vaccinated 110,791 people on April 30, which has been a record high, and the vaccination continues to progress at a higher pace than expected," the President pointed out. 

"The new vaccination program has been a great success these days," he added.

Peru's top official reported that, around 10,670,000 doses will be received from now on until the end of his mandate, which means 4.5 million people would get the two doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

Regarding people over 60 years of age, Mr. Sagasti said that he expects they will start getting vaccinated even before June, adding that everything will depend on how the vaccination process progresses across the country.

As for the vaccines that are due to arrive in the country, he noted that, in May, 700,000 doses per week will arrive from the Pfizer laboratory in the first two weeks, while 790,000 will arrive in the last two weeks.

Remarks were made during an interview with Punto Final investigative journalism TV program on Sunday night.


Publicado: 3/5/2021