Peru: Tambopata National Reserve reopens to tourists

Photo: Gustavo Sanchez

Photo: Gustavo Sanchez

15:00 | Tambopata (Madre de Dios region), Nov. 27.

The Tambopata National Reserve —Madre de Dios region's major natural tourist destination— has reopened to tourists. The restart of activities will be implemented gradually, by complying with biosafety measures, the State-run National Service for Natural Protected Areas (Sernanp) reported on Friday.

The resumption of activities takes place as the area has successfully completed the implementation of biosafety measures to safeguard the health of visitors, tour operators, and the personnel working there.

According to Sernanp, the reactivation of these activities was possible thanks to an articulated work with the Regional Government of Madre de Dios and various local actors, in order to take all the measures necessary to reduce the risk of transmission and spread of COVID-19.

In this regard, Pedro Gamboa —head of Sernanp— noted that the reopening of this protected natural area to tourists provides opportunities for economic and social development to benefit the whole region of Madre de Dios and its inhabitants. 

Moreover, he assured that this restart of activities is accomplished by implementing all biosafety measures to safeguard not only the health of visitors but also of the personnel. 

"And, to that end, tour operators play a fundamental role to ensure that these measures are observed and complied with," Gamboa added.

"Our goal is that Madre de Dios becomes known for its invaluable natural wealth reflected in its protected areas, such as the Tambopata National Reserve, which attracts around 80% of the tourists visiting this region," said Madre de Dios Region Governor Luis Hidalgo, adding that the next challenge is to obtain the Safe Travels stamp, which generates greater confidence among visitors.

In addition, the area has begun the process to obtain the Biosafe Destination stamp —issued by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur)— which identifies tourist destinations that have complied with COVID-19 preventive health measures, thus recognizing them as safe places for visitors.


Publicado: 27/11/2020