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Peru: Migrations Office activates an alert for ex-PM Betssy Chavez

10:00 | Lima, Mar. 17.

The National Superintendence of Migrations has activated a restrictive migratory alert to prevent former Prime Minister, and current Congresswoman, Betssy Chavez from traveling abroad.

The office reported that said measure has been implemented at the request of the Supreme Court of Justice —for a period of 15 days.

"The aforementioned alert has been communicated to all migration and border checkpoints of (the National Superintendence of) Migrations at the national level," the State-run agency reported via Twitter on Thursday.

Last Tuesday, Congress' Permanent Commission approved the constitutional complaint report that recommends accusing Betssy Chavez of the crimes of rebellion and conspiracy in her capacity as former Prime Minister during ousted ex-President Pedro Castillo's term in office.

The accusation against the legislator, as well as against former Ministers Willy Huerta (Interior) and Roberto Sanchez (Foreign Trade-Tourism) —who currently serves as Congressman— will be debated on March 22.


Publicado: 17/3/2023