Peru: EsSalud distributes mechanical ventilators in Lima and Callao

00:08 | Lima, Jun. 23.

The Social Health Insurance System (EsSalud) on Monday announced that it has increased its critical care hospital capacity for patients with coronavirus thanks to the 20 mechanical ventilators that it received under a cession of use scheme and that will distribute to Edgardo Rebagliati, Guillermo Almenara (Lima), and Alberto Sabogal (in Callao) hospitals.

"10 ventilators have been delivered to the Rebagliati network, 6 to Almenara, and 4 to Sabogal. Besides, the distribution of the equipment is due to the demand at these establishments which, by the way, allows us to increase the ICU capacity that stands at more than 520 beds throughout the country," EsSalud General Manager Alfredo Barredo expressed.

According to Barredo, the first set of the batch of 150 mechanical ventilators —acquired by EsSalud prior to the start of the public health emergency— will be arriving next week.

"We will receive 50 mechanical ventilators —acquired by the institution— within a week, and another hundred will arrive 15 days later. This equipment will increase the critical care capacity by 40% nationwide," he stated.

These new ventilators, he said, will be distributed in the 29 EsSalud networks throughout the country, and priority will be given to the demand due to COVID-19.

"The distribution of the ventilators —due to arrive next week— will be held at every network and will be proportional to their supply, but we will give priority to areas in La Libertad, Huanuco, Moquegua, and Ica —regions where the demand is increasing," he explained.


Publicado: 23/6/2020