Peru: Economic measures to boost tourism recovery

09:48 | Lima, Mar. 31.

National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur) Head Carlos Canales welcomed the recent measures taken by the Government of Peru in order to make health security prevail by prioritizing the life of human beings above all.

"We must support every effort in that respect, without conditions. Peruvians must show total commitment and solidarity with the world," he stressed.

On the other hand, he welcomed the recent provisions in favor of alleviating the critical economic situation generated by the pandemic, which affects the most vulnerable populations and the working class in the country, where tourism constitutes the most inclusive economic activity as it decentralizes, fights extreme poverty, and creates millions of jobs.

In this regard, he noted the Government's willingness to issue complementary measures in the coming days in order to prevent its collapse.

Economy and Finance Minister Maria Antonieta Alva has recently announced that her sector had asked for special powers to legislate on matters relating to tax facilities and subsidies.

Accordingly, Canales stated that 95% of the nation's tourism activity is paralyzed.

The Canatur official admitted that tourism is facing an emergency and requires extraordinary measures to prevent its collapse.


Publicado: 31/3/2020

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