Peru: Tourism is third-major employment, income generator

11:21 | Lima, Dec. 4.

The tourism sector is not only Peru's third-major economic activity creating the highest figures for direct and indirect employment, it is also an important generator of income, Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) reported Tuesday.

"This sector employs nearly 8% of the Economically Active Population (EAP), which exceeds 1.3 million workers. Likewise, it generated over US$4.570 billion in revenue last year," CCL President Yolanda Torriani expressed. 

"(…) such indicators place this sector as the third-major wealth-generating activity. Furthermore, tourism contributes with more than half of service exports from the country," she stated.


Over the last five years, the sector has achieved greater expansion, recording an average annual growth of 7.4% in international visitors' arrivals and 4.22% in domestic tourism. 

Torriani went on to add the Inca nation is projected to welcome 4.4 million foreign tourists this year, an almost 8% increase compared to 2017. 

Within this framework, CLL's Tourism Guild President Gabriela Fiorini pointed out Latin American countries have a great potential for tourism growth since there are cities hosting globally-recognized tourist attractions. 

On the other hand, National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur) Head Carlos Canales indicated the Reserve Park (where the Magic Water Circuit is located) and Larcomar shopping center are Lima's most important tourist destinations. 

"The Water Park (Reserve Park) welcomes a total of 8 million visitors, 1.5 million come from abroad, while Larcomar receives 7 million tourists per year, both nationals and foreigners," he concluded. 


Published: 12/4/2018
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