Peru aims to boost manufactured exports to US$5 billion by 2021

10:29 | Lima, Jun. 14.

The Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry (Mincetur) announced the Government of Peru is determined to push manufactured exports to US$5 billion by 2021, the country's Independence Bicentennial.

According to Minister Edgar Vasquez, the current administration has set a plan and strategies to promote Peru's manufactured exports in the world by 2021.

Furthermore, he said, Ministry officials have held a series of meetings with companies in the manufacturing sector as part of the new strategy to stimulate manufactured sales.

It must be noted the Foreign Trade portfolio expressed interest in such gatherings.

The aim of these meetings was to identify the private sector's problems and collect proposals to optimize the export performance, starting at Mincetur and PromPeru.

This way, the Ministry held five working sessions with 63 companies in said sector, as well as visits to manufacturing firms.

"This has served to develop strategies and an action plan for the upcoming years," the government official added.

In this regard, three strategies have been crafted for 2021. They focus on commercial intelligence, technical assistance, and trade promotion.


Publicado: 14/6/2019