Peru: Manufacturing sector expanded 3.7% in March 2019

14:13 | Lima, May. 10.

Peru's manufacturing sector increased 3.7% in March 2019, compared to the same month last year, Production Ministry (Produce) informed on Friday.

This outcome was underpinned by the non-primary sub-sector (+4.1%), which was positively influenced by a higher production of services related to industry (+15.9%), as well as capital (13.7%) and intermediate (+5.9%) goods. 

According to Produce, the expansion of non-primary manufacturing was due to the good performance of industrial services related branches.

Furthermore, jewels and related items (+130.8%), dairy products (+21.4), malt beverages (+14.3%), and garments (+7.7%) stood out in the field of consumer goods.

The primary sub-sector (+2.5%) also had a positive impact on March results, Produce said. 

Moreover, industrial production is expected to consolidate in 2019, underpinned by the good performance of the non-primary sub-sector, thanks to an increase of manufacturing exports and the domestic demand. 

It should be noted manufacturing industry contributes 16.5% to Peru's GDP and employs over 1.5 million workers. 


Published: 5/10/2019
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