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Five Peruvians included in 2020 list of Latin American Innovators Under 35

10:28 | Lima, Nov. 27.

MIT Technology Review, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's prestigious magazine, has published the list of 35 Latin American Innovators Under 35, which features five Peruvians: Alejandra Cuba, Jesus Mueras, Juvenal Ormachea, Athali Castro, and Robinson Lopez.

Year after year, the Spanish platform of the MIT Technology Review rewards young innovators to highlight the projects they are working on and to show some of the possible directions that technology will take in the coming decade.

Peruvian inventors

Caopack CEO Alejandra Cuba (aged 26) stands out in the Inventor category. She is a young food engineer who applies circular economy to reduce food contamination.

Another winner is Jesus Mueras (aged 30), and electricity engineer and founder of iotomato. He has designed an IoT-based monitor which collects information in real time from the power grid so as to improve the efficiency and productivity of factories, companies, and homes.

The third Peruvian in this year's list is Juvenal Ormachea (aged 32), who holds a doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Rochester (United States). He has created a non-invasive method to detect cancer, cirrhosis, and diabetic foot ulcers.

In the Visionary category is Athali Castro (aged 28), who has founded Oxcem, a biotechnological enterprise that resolves environmental issues through solutions inspired in nature. Her microphyte-based modules fix the carbon present in the air and release oxygen in exchange. In addition, they are especially designed for urban areas where there is limited space to plant trees.

Robinson Lopez stands out in the same category. He developed AGROS, a startup that promotes the digitalization of small farmers with the aim of increasing their production and expand the market.

About Innovators Under 35

This contest generates more than 500 nominations each year. The editors then face the task of picking 100 semifinalists to put in front of 25 judges, who have expertise in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, software, energy, materials, and so on. With the invaluable help of these rankings, the editors pick the final list of 35.


Publicado: 27/11/2020