Peru President: All reform projects are a priority

17:17 | Tumbes (Tumbes region), Sep. 13.

President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday affirmed the four political-justice reform projects —submitted by the Executive Branch to Congress— have the same priority, and criticized the intention of delaying the political system changes for up to three years.

"Saying that we have to work promptly and that we have three years to work on the political system is like saying 'the political system is going very well,' and we all know that's not the case," the Head of State expressed, alluding to the statements made by Congress Chairman Daniel Salaverry. 

On Wednesday, Fuerza Popular party member Salaverry indicated the justice system reform is the top priority for Parliament, as it is an urgent issue for the country, whereas political changes could be implemented in up to three years. 

As is known, the release of audios containing phone conversations that involved judges, entrepreneurs, and National Council of the Magistracy (CNM) members led to a scandal in the justice system. Thus, the Vizcarra administration intends to implement a positive change in Peru.

"The four projects have the exact same priority for the Executive Branch (…)," the President added. 

If the Inca country does not rely on solid democratic institutions, then it will not achieve development and its efforts to improve will not have the expected positive outcome, he said. 

Likewise, the leader ruled out his political-justice proposals are populist, as some of his critics have suggested. 

On the contrary, he stressed, these initiatives are backed by a large portion of the Peruvian population.

While in Tumbes, the Head of State felt citizens' support for the proposed changes aimed at improving the political-justice system through a referendum

"(…) Everybody demands a referendum and structural changes, not only within Congress, which are necessary, but also structural changes in politics," he concluded. 

Remarks were made during the Muni-Executive Power Meeting.


Published: 9/13/2018