Peru President: We will change the country

10:47 | Lima, Sep. 11.

President Vizcarra affirmed his administration has been proposing numerous reforms for the main institutions aimed at fighting diverse scourges.

Peruvian citizens have shown their intention to be involved in decision-making processes linked to the Inca country's well-being, the leader told CNN en Español.

"We've been working the right way, and we feel the population's frustration, too. We want to change this path, and it will be changed by improving the institutions," President Vizcarra expressed.

As is known, the release of audios containing controversial phone conversations that involved judges, entrepreneurs, and National Council of the Magistracy (CNM) members had led to a scandal in the justice system. 

"On July 28, we said we would change the current situation, and just over a month later we reaffirm we will change Peru no matter the cost," he added. 

According to the Head of State, he will not be subdued by the people who seek to maintain the current status quo, where corruption, drug-trafficking, and political favors exist

In this sense, he lamented some people want to keep corruption alive in the Inca country, a scourge that feeds on drug-trafficking and common crime. 

"Social development and decentralization are our pillars. They are not sustainable unless we fight corruption and strengthen the institutions," the statesman stressed. 

Even though dishonest politicians have existed, they do not represent the whole country, Vizcarra clarified.
He went on to add his administration will work with honest and hard-working people in order to achieve the much-needed changes. 


Published: 9/11/2018
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