President Vizcarra urges Peruvians to work together for greater economic growth

11:00 | Lima, Jan. 31.

President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday urged Peruvian citizens to work together with a modern and efficient State —that relies on solid institutions and better public services— in order to achieve greater economic growth that is competitive, productive, and sustainable.

"We have to take advantage of our skills," the Head of State expressed. 

The top official recalled economic expansion in 2017 reached 2.5%. Thus, between April and May 2018, measures were taken to surpass said number. As a result, last year ended with a growth rate of around 4%. Plus, expectations are higher for 2019

"2018 was the year of the beginning of reforms and the referendum. It was the year in which we accomplished the execution of public investment's highest figure in history with more than S/35.5 billion (US$10.56 billion)," he underlined. 

Likewise, the statesman noted that private investment consolidated itself as one of the main economic growth engines, standing at 4.6%. Private consumption was boosted as well. 

In this sense, President Vizcarra indicated it is necessary to take advantage of the Inca country's productive capabilities, as well as to opt for a greater diversification that relies on development strategies, which include innovation, technology, and international projection. 

According to Peru's top official, a genuine development cannot be achieved on the basis of poverty, slow institutions, or an uncompetitive State, but through the creation of decent employment for everyone and joint efforts undertaken by all sectors. 

Furthermore, the Head of State pointed out it is required to have a nation where small-, medium-, and large entrepreneurs can count on a predictable and agile business environment, as well as credit accessibility and investments that respect the environment. 

"A competitive Peru must promote the employability of its workers," he added. 

Moreover, President Vizcarra stressed the Inca country will not be competitive unless there is an efficient State that makes investment decisions easier, ensures the stability of the regulatory framework, and fights head-on against corruption, as well as impunity.

Remarks were made during the inauguration ceremony of "Competitiveness and Productivity towards a Modern and Inclusive Peru Forum."

This initiative is aimed at creating the guidelines to boost and consolidate economic growth


Published: 1/31/2019
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