President Vizcarra: Peru to grow above 4% in 2019, fight against corruption to continue

13:05 | Lima, Dec. 31.

President Martin Vizcarra on Monday affirmed Peru will continue the frontal fight against corruption in 2019, adding the economy will expand more than 4%.

According to the Head of State, 2018 was a year full of confrontations since there was a direct fight against said scourge. 

However, the foundations to continue tackling this problem have been laid. 

Likewise, the top official indicated a common strategy has been created to fight corruption at all Government levels.

"(…) We have one main condition: we all must combat corruption," he told RPP radio and TV news station.

The statesman also pointed out that in 2017 —a year without confrontations— the Inca country only grew 2%, while this year the nation met the goal of expanding 4% amid a frontal fight against corruption and the strengthening of institutions

In this sense, he stated his administration's aim is to achieve GDP growth between 4.2% and 4.5% next year. 

Furthermore, President Vizcarra believes it is important that all State branches and institutions contribute to said combat and to removing public sector's bad elements. 


Published: 12/31/2018
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