President Vizcarra: "Peru, a democratic country committed to human rights and freedom"

12:41 | Lima, Oct. 7.

President Martin Vizcarra reaffirmed on Monday that Peru is a democratic country committed to defending human rights and civil liberties.

According to the Head of State, the rule of law reigns in the Inca nation. 

"This is a country that promotes multilateralism, dialogue and consensus, regional and global integration, eradication of conflicts, and the fight against climate change," he expressed. 

"We firmly believe in sustainable development, in which all citizens can have the opportunity to grow and improve in equal conditions," the top official added. 

Likewise, Mr. Vizcarra reiterated his commitment —as President of the Republic and Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces— to the efforts of the international community to respond to the world's challenges to peace and security. 

Furthermore, he recalled Peru is a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council for the 2018-2019 period and carries out important actions to make peacekeeping operations more efficient. 

The Head of State went on to add that he is convinced a just peace depends on the missions, as well as on improving life conditions and opportunities for citizens through basic services, education, and health. 

In this sense, he pointed out there can be no peace and justice if corruption and impunity exist, as they damage democracy, destroy the population's life and hopes, as well as compromise governance and countries' future. 


Published: 10/7/2019
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