Peru: All citizens must access basic services

13:29 | Lima, Mar. 26.

Development and Social Inclusion Minister Paola Bustamante on Tuesday affirmed the Peruvian Government's social policy denotes to improve equality among citizens so they can achieve progress, hand-in-hand with economic growth and development opportunities.

"The social policy is just as important as the economic policy. We should regard citizens, not as beneficiaries of the social policy, but as users. Being a user of social policy involves being able to rely on quality care, opportunity, respect, and quality," the official expressed. 

"What can we do so all Peruvians can access water, sanitation, connectivity, and electricity services? That is essential, and it will enable us to not only overcome tuberculosis and anemia, but also other situations (…)," she added. 

Likewise, Minister Bustamante indicated the Development and Social Inclusion Ministry (Midis) and its social programs do not only exist to provide assistance, as each of them has an objective and seeks to prevent people from falling into deeper poverty

Furthermore, she pointed out the greatest achievement would be to end social programs once citizens manage to overcome poverty. 

"We have grown used to see programs survive through time, when the idea is to assess how we can help people to get out of poverty," Midis Head said. 

Remarks were made during a forum held at Congress. 

Published: 3/26/2019
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