Peru President: Gov't to reduce anemia to less than 20% by 2021

10:34 | Lima, Nov. 7.

President Martin Vizcarra on Wednesday affirmed his administration's goal is to reduce anemia to less than 20%, adding he is confident the objective will be achieved by working together and persevering.

"This will be the best heritage for our children. A healthy life that can go on without limits," the Head of State expressed. 

During his speech, he noted the presence of ministers from different sectors, which shows his government's commitment to this important task. 

"We might disagree on diverse subjects (…) but when it comes to children's future, there are no disagreements. (…) We should all stand together in (the fight against) anemia," he added. 

Furthermore, he indicated in the last decade 40% of children under the age of 3 had been affected by this condition in the Inca country. 

It should be noted the World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized anemia as a health problem.  

Likewise, the top official stressed all sectors must participate in the combat against this condition, not only the Health Ministry. 

On the occasion, the statesman was joined by Ministers Silvia Pessah (Health), Liliana La Rosa (Development and Social Inclusion), Jose Huerta (Defense), Daniel Alfaro (Education), Raul Perez-Reyes (Production), and Gustavo Mostajo (Agriculture). 

Remarks were made during the national campaign "Iron Love" launching event.

This initiative is aimed at raising awareness among citizens concerning the prevention and reduction of anemia rates in Peru. 


Published: 11/7/2018
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